Co-Marketing with Unbounce

Let’s empower marketers together. Expand the reach of your brand by collaborating on cutting-edge content with Unbounce.

What Types of Content Can We Collaborate On?

eBooks and Guides

From concise infographics to dense tomes of conversion knowledge, ebooks and guides make for great downloadable content that reaches new audiences.

Webinars and Digital Events

Our webinars and online events like CRO Day and Digital Agency Day connect thousands of marketers directly with thought leaders and industry experts.

Customer Case Studies

Have a customer that’s using Unbounce with your solution? Shared customer case studies can demonstrate value with data and introduce marketers to new essential tools.

Call-to-Action Conference

Held annually in Unbounce’s home city of Vancouver, CTAConf attracts thousands of marketers and high-profile brands with its festive atmosphere and top-tier speaker lineup.

Let’s Make Some Marketing Magic

If you’re ready to start creating great content with us, you can apply to become a co-marketing partner by filling out the form below.


What You’ll Get When you Co-Market With Us

A Network of Expertise

Diverse voices across the marketing spectrum, both in and outside Unbounce, come together to produce truly unique content.

A Hyper-Engaged Audience

Tens of thousands of marketers subscribe to Unbounce for advice on designing and executing the highest-converting campaigns.

A Commitment to Quality

Our in-house team of writers and designers polish every piece of content we develop to be equal parts actionable and delightful.

What Our Co-Marketing Partners Have to Say

“Working with Unbounce on co-marketing projects has been timely, effective, and overall a creative and fun experience. We'll definitely do more co-marketing projects together in the future.”

Margot Mazur
Partnership Co-ordinator

“Unbounce is a great co-marketing partner for Kissmetrics. Unbounce always delivers relevant high-quality content and an engaged audience, which helps us drive demand in a meaningful way.”

Thue Madsen
Marketing Operations Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you evaluate potential co-marketing activities?

Our partnerships must be a strategic fit for both parties. We evaluate things like competitive overlap, web and content reach, social media profiles, product reviews, and customer satisfaction of potential partners.

What can I expect after submitting the co-marketing form?

Our team will review your submission below within 5 business days. If there is a fit, we’ll schedule a discovery call to get to know you and your product or service better, and explore potential co-marketing activities.

How do we share the responsibility and benefits of co-marketing together?

Our partnerships are collaborative efforts building campaigns in their entirety together. We work hard to produce the best possible results, usually in the form of a lead share.

If we've built an integration, does that mean we're co-marketing together? 

Having a successful integration built is a great foundation for co-marketing together, but not every integration leads to co-marketing as each partnership is evaluated separately. Check out "Integrating with Unbounce" for more information on integrations.

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